Marketing Writer for B2B Technology


Douglas Howatt, creative director, writer, copywriter, editor, storyteller and brand marketer for B2B technology. I’m a resourceful original thinker, sought for creative insights and well-crafted writing. I quickly simplify complex concepts into clear, compelling content and write marketing content and brand narratives that span all media. My experience is in agencies and corporations, large and small.

Words Matter.
Ideas Matter, Too.

Writing is really about the ideas that clear thinking and clear writing bring to your brand. That's what I do: fresh ideas, insights and, of course, the words that carry your messages to your prospects. Together, you and I will capture their imaginations, compel them to act, and bring your programs to life.



Get simple, engaging language that illustrates your programs, products and technologies. See my skills.



Give your prospects and their influencers the fresh thinking they will act upon. See my skills.